Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sprite Rags

Posting the picture from the hospital reminded me of so many things, but mostly of a hysterically funny moment that left all three of us in the picture giggling and laughing so hard I had to push my morphine drip.

My body was rapidly fluctuating from sweats to chills in a matter of minutes. The chills started and my body shook all over requiring layers and layers of blankets to calm the teeth chattering. Then, suddenly,  blankets were thrown off and sweat started dripping down my forehead. When this started, a quick solution we developed was to wet rags in cups of ice water and place them on my forehead and arms. This particular time, I was alone with my mom and grandma and started sweating. Right away, they jumped up and started wetting rags. I noticed a sweet smell on the rags my grandma was using, but I didn't care at the moment because my entire body felt like it was on fire. A few minutes later, Mary and Kelly came in and took over the rag drill. My mom and grandma left to get more water. I realized I was getting really sticky all over and then remembered the cup of Sprite I asked the nurse to get earlier for my stomach ache. My grandma was using that cup. I had Sprite rags all over me and was a sticky mess. Mary and Kelly figured it out at about the same time I did and I think we laughed for a solid twenty minutes. I have no idea why it was so funny, but it was and I loved it, covered in Sprite and all.

The weather is gorgeous here and I am heading to the river with my dog and later I am cooking dinner with a friend. I hope you enjoy your Sunday as well.



  1. The honey bees would have loved you...

  2. There are always plenty of laughs when Go-Go Granny is involved!! I forgot about that story!

  3. Oh my, you never know when you are ready for that solid laughter. I bet you never look at sprite the same way.

    You know there is a book Sara plain and tall!?

  4. Don't you love the silly things like that, and you remember them at the most odd times (like falling asleep) and start laughing..I love them, have plenty of my own.

  5. Good thing you weren't in 'ant' territory!

  6. Reminds me of when I killed your iron with Sprite! Maybe you shouldn't leave that stuff around your apartment to confuse people ;)


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