Friday, May 17, 2013

When the Trumpet Sounds

Well, living as a well person, is a lot more difficult than I previously hoped. I knew this, but tried, once again, to pretend it wasn't true. I desperately want to realize my dreams and must accept this comes with the call to soldier on regardless of any pitfalls. I finally settled into my routine yesterday. I struggled with defeat and perseverance, but finally I accomplished one full day without giving in to my irritations. I will return tomorrow with a post I worked on all week. For now, because tomorrow is the Preakness Stakes and because I love horses and because I need the encouragement and strength as well, I will leave you with words that help carry me through darkness. These words are featured in a favorite movie of mine, Secretariat, but more importantly they come from the Book of Job. They remind me I am not to question or understand suffering and fear, I am to charge ahead and, when the trumpet sounds, run my own race.

"Do you give the horse his strength or clothe his neck with a flowing mane? Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting? He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength, and charges into the fray. He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; he does not shy away from the sword. The quiver rattles against his side, along with the flashing spear and lance. In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds."
Job 39: 19-24

Goodnight and blessings to all of you. See you again tomorrow.


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  1. Hello from New Zealand. I have been reading your blog since the start and I love it. You are doing amazing things Sarah. All of your words touch me ands change the way I view so many things. Lots of love from Amanda xx


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