Monday, September 15, 2014

Get Your Pajamas On and Get in Bed

Ron Johnston, one of my favorite people and father of the hens and sweet Kevin, has a famous line, well famous in the family, that he uses when he is frustrated and wants everyone to just calm down. It doesn’t matter if the girls just woke up and put on their uniforms or if Kevin was in the middle of his homework. When emotions swirl and tensions rise, Ron adopts his stern voice and demands, “Get your pajamas on and get in bed.”

Now that the kids are all adults, this line is a source of great hilarity. In fact, I just sent a text to Meghan to make sure I quoted Ron correctly and we ended up in a fit of laughter recounting a few of the get your pajamas on and get in bed moments. It just never gets old.

Ron, while goofy and sweet and fun and loving and kind, is also so very wise. Whether I am as stuck as a turtle in mud or caught in the vortex of my own emotional tornado, I eventually exhaust the you’ll get there, just keep going pep talk and hear a voice sternly telling me to get my pajamas on and get in bed. When I hear this voice, I know it is time to take a deep breath and step away from the situation.

And, yes, sometimes Ron did literally mean his words, but mostly it was a very wise call to calm down and regroup. He offered a second chance, a way to make a fresh start, even if the day had just begun. 

I hear this voice quite a bit lately as I try to add new things and push forward. My body is strong and able and rises to meet my refreshed and hopeful spirit every morning. I choose to flow with this strength and try to add or change bits and pieces of my routine and life. It’s time to create a life that better reflects my wellness, rather than my illness. 

As I grow into this different way of life, I frequently crash into the walls of defeat after I give into a lack of energy or fail to reach a self-imposed goal. I, then, am confronted with a choice. I can stall, collapse, and trash my determination or I can accept my mistake and move forward. Basically, I can choose to forgive myself and start anew, yet again. This renewal is available in every second of every moment of every day. And it doesn’t matter the reason for the crash, large or small, it can always be rectified. Just get your pajamas on and get in bed.

A few days ago, my day didn't start out so well. Instead of allowing the why me and it's not fair mantra win in my head, I reached for a fun and easy tool that usually changes my mood in an instant. I go to my nightstand or my bookshelf and choose a book, open to a random page, and listen to what the words tell me. So, on this not so great morning when I wanted to throw a wet blanket on the day, I went to my nightstand, picked up a book, The Alchemist, and closed my eyes and opened it to a page and this is right where it fell open. Part 2. One more reminder that a second chance is always available and a third and a fourth...the chances are limitless.

***All because I am all for new starts and new beginnings, you will notice a lot of new changes around here and there are many more to come. I hope to see you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. My goal has always been to show that while my life might not be what I wanted or planned, and it may be quiet difficult, quite a bit, it is a good life and a life worth living. I also hope to prove we are far more alike that we are different...each and every one of us. Because when we finally take the step to notice and listen and learn about each other, we see our sameness, not our difference. We see pain and we see joy with these informed and enlightened eyes we understand just how universal and non discriminating these two experiences really are. And greater understanding leads to the true definition of love, to see ourselves in another, and isn’t that why we are all here anyway...

This is the message I hope to spread. Thank you from the bottom of my over flowing heart for your support thus far. Thank you. Thank you.


  1. Sarah this brought me to tears, in a good way. This post is so graceful and I love what you have to say. Peace and love.

  2. Boy, I needed this today! Thank you, you are a beautiful writer!

  3. Sarah, I enjoy reading your posts and always look forward to the next one. Being able to express oneself with beautiful words that touch lives and encourage others as you do is a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing that gift with us. Now, get your pajamas on and get busy writing another post like this one. Ha

  4. Your insights always speak directly to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us!

  5. Each time I visit your blog, Sarah, I find that same kind of inspiration you find by opening those books. Thanks for sharing your hope and indomitable spirit with us all.

  6. Hi Sarah, I love the new look of your blog and will look for you on Facebook too. Yours is is one of my favourite blogs, I check in here often and always learn so much from your gorgeous writing. Much love, Amanda.

  7. Hi Sarah, your new blog's makeover looks amazing. It reflects Power. Confidence. Style. Dignity. Courage. Take that, Universe! I know you have to deal with some terrible struggles, but when I think of you, I see a beautiful, thoughtful, perceptive, highly skilled person, who lives life with grace and beauty, and often humour too, even in the face of the most faith-testing situations. I can't tell you how much I admire you. In the future, I see you as a beautiful bride and mother, if you wished your life to take that direction. I've always had that vision.


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